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Package transformer substations (PTS) in container modules

PTS is a package transformer substation in metal frame with the voltage 6 (10) / 0,4 kV and power from 100 kVA to 2500 kVA produced by ESE Rus LLC. It represents a ready-to-operate container module for power supply of industrial enterprises, infrastructures, oil and gas companies, agriculture and utilities companies.

The benefits of Package transformer substations (PTS) manufactured by ESE Rus LLC:

  • small size; 
  • ready-to-use; 
  • the possibility of producing schemes of any complexity; 
  • transportability by any mode of transport; 
  • rapid erection and start-up; 
  • thermal insulation and module heating up allow to operate the substation at temperatures up to -60 ° C and to prevent the formation of condensation inside the module; 
  • high level of security against penetration of unauthorized persons; 
  • use of high quality materials and components; 
  • aesthetic finishing of a substation; 
  • service life of the package transformer substation (PTS) manufactured by ESE Rus LLC is at least 25 years old.

Mechanical catalogue "Package devices of electrical energy distribution and control of the electric drives"